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Shortage of great mobile plans is an unheard story in this smartphone dependent world. You can always find large data phone plans to spend on with the latest flagships of popular brands. But at times, the lesser option is a better one to buy from. If you have small data needs and 1GB is more than enough for a month, then you can have a great SIM-Only deal at a fraction of the price. Let us consider the various options we have:

1GB Phone Plans with Short Expiry Periods

There are lots of cheap and cheerful phone plans around, but often they involve short-term expiry periods. The thoughts concur only when you need it for a small period. Coles Mobile and Boost Mobile both offer plans with 1GB data bundled with unlimited calls and text messages.

The Coles Mobile comes with a 10-day expiry period and Boost Mobile grants you only 7-days. Before you decide the value for money, be careful to look into which network has the best coverage in your area. Boost Mobile operates on the Telstra network while Optus is used by Coles Mobile. Be sure to choose wherever your preference lies.

  • Over 30 days, the Coles Mobile plan gives you 3GB data for $30
  • Over 28 days, the Boost Mobile plan gives you 4GB data for $40

The value and benefit would decrease as you recharge it one week after another. If that is the case then it’s best to switch to a monthly plan. Deals are better there if you want to cross the margin of $30. The above plans by Boost and Coles are suited for those who want to turn their plans on and off.

1gb data mobile phone plans

Prepaid Phone Plans with 1GB Data

Prepaid Phone Plans have the flexibility one needs if you exceed the prescribed data limit and there can always be a break if you don’t want to recharge for the current term. This prepaid tier just saves us from a lot of worries.

With a limited amount of calls and text included, you can find many carriers with awesome value for Prepaid plans focusing on 1Gb data. If you find a carrier which gives you cheap plan for 28 to 30 days with 1GB data and unlimited minutes and text, then you have done really well. This is what is offered on Amaysim, LycaMobile, OVOMobile and Boost Mobile.

OVO Mobile impresses with its 1GB data pack for under $10, but it comes with only $200 of included call value. However, it includes unlimited text for those who chat a lot, so it is a balanced approach and increases the overall value. Perhaps the pick from these bunch of plans is $10 plan from Amaysim, providing 1GB of data as well as unlimited talk and text. Hard for others to beat! Don’t forget the expiry times though, only OVO Mobile has the 30 day period while the rest is for 28 days.

Postpaid Phone Plans with 1GB Data

Postpaid plans come with a great convenience as you are never going to run out of data or talk minutes. The excess charges would only be added if you exhausted the current month’s limits. There are some cons too, yet if you want to recharge once and forget ever, this plan type is for you.

You will also some great value postpaid plans offering 1GB of data. Unlike many low-cost prepaid plans, with a fairly low price, you can also expect unlimited calls and text. Some of the standout players in this field are Moose Mobile, Dodo, CMobile and Amaysim.

There are great deals from all the providers the above list has, yet Amaysim clearly stands out. The only pitfall you might notice is a 28-day validity rather than a 30 day one. Thus, calculating, you are going to have 13 billing cycles in a year than 12 billing cycles. So, check and compare the value before you invest.

The postpaid plans mentioned above are free from lock-in contracts. If you are happy to commit for a period of 12 months, then Jeenee Mobile and Southern Phone would be a treat for 1GB at $10 or less.

Other Notable Mentions around 1GB plans

There are more plans with better value than the ones listed above. But you would have to chisel out a little extra from your pocket. It means overstepping the 1GB data boundary. Plans from Vaya, Kogan Mobile and Exetel come with 1.5 GB data and an unlimited amount of talk and text.

iPhone X Plans with 1GB Data

So far we have been discussing the Prepaid and Postpaid plans but what about those plans which come with a bundled handset. And what would be better than the latest flagship from Apple? You may be surprised by the fact that despite advertisements of large data plans are the norm, there are 1GB data plans too. Even for the hottest and latest smartphones. But if you would like an iPhone X, the 64 GB variant, then Virgin Mobile is the only telco which is offering a 1GB plan.

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Do 1GB Phone Plans have Good Value?

If your data demands are fairly low and you know very well how to use the Wi-Fi, then 1GB phone plan for $10 doesn’t sound bad. When that is bundled with unlimited talk and text, then no doubt it is not a bad choice too. As previously mentioned, the plans with a short expiry come at a cost; you should not prefer them over a monthly plan.

A phone under constant use is best to be subscribed to a monthly plan than the weekly one. Plans and prices change often quickly, so you need to be sure that there are no better options that suit your needs. Keep an eye out for the next great deal.

The carriers and telcos mentioned in this post are the most competitive ones around, but make sure you check on other options too in your circle and get awesome value.

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