The Complete List of Australian Mobile Frequencies

Find all about the Australian mobile frequencies and which MVNO is uses which network in Australia. 2G, 3G, and 4G are the network technologies used in Australia. Out of this 4G or LTE frequency band gives you the fastest wireless connection. More on LTE frequency bands used.

How to access Telstra Air with Telstra ID?

Connect to Telstra Air network on iOS, Android, and other devices. All you need is your Telstra ID and password. Learn how to access Telstra Air with your Telstra ID? Find out how to get your Telstra ID?

What is Telstra Air? Mobile & Broadband Plans & Telstra Air Speed

Find more about Telstra Air, how much it costs and what all plans included. Review Telstra Air Mobile and Broadband plans and speed of the network. Telstra Air are the Telstra’s network of Wi-Fi enabled hotspots. If you are on a qualifying Telstra service, then you will receive Telstra Air free of cost.

Telstra Thanks Review & Benefits – Telstra Thanks Phone/Broadband Plans

Find out Telstra Thanks Review, benefits and check if you are eligible for the discount deal. Learn about Telstra thanks Phone Plans and Broadband Plans. Telstra Thanks is a benefits program for pretty much its each and every customer. You earn loyalty reward points and you can get discounts on various events.

Optus Phone Upgrades Explained – New Phone Trade Up?

Optus has come up with a New Phone Trade Up option for its valuable customers. In this article, you will know all about Optus phone upgrades along with the guide. What does ‘Good Working Order’ mean? How to Trade Up Optus?

Australian Mobile Providers – Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, Amaysim, LycaMobile and more

List of all Australian Mobile Providers. Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications provider for phone and broadband internet coverage, providing over 9.2 fixed-line and 9.7 million active mobile plans. Telstra claim that the Telstra Next G network covers 99% of the Australian population. Virgin Mobile services operate on the Optus network. Virgin Mobile Australia was launched … Read more