Jeenee Mobile Phone Plans

Jeenee Mobile offers mobile phone and mobile broadband plans. The plans are on a SIM Only postpaid basis. Jeenee Mobile uses the Optus 4G or 3G network based on which type of service you choose.

The breadth of the continent is covered by the Optus network which means that you are going to get a good coverage for most of the journey. Jeenee Mobile is a provider with ample social proceedings too. Although it is a for-profit organization, it still operates as a social enterprise. Its proceedings are donated to Community Connections Australia which enables differently enabled people to get connected with mobile phones.

Jeenee Mobile Phone Plans

The plans offered are inclusive of unlimited calls and texts, ensuring that there won’t be a shortage of credit. All of these plans’ prices are indicative of the amount of data you need to spend. There are also incentives if you want to sign up for a 6 or 12-month contract.

  • $9.90 – 1GB-1.2GB
  • $14.90 – 1.5GB-2.5GB
  • $22 – 6GB-8GB
  • $25 – 6GB-10GB
  • $30 – 6GB-10GB
  • $32 – 10GB-18GB
  • $45 – 15GB-23GB
  • $45 – 30GB*
  • $74 – 90GB*

*3G data only included with the pack.

Jeenee Mobile has three categories of postpaid plans named Small Plans, Large Plans, and Mammoth Plans. In total, there are nine plans to choose from. Some of those include month to month, 6 months and 12 months contract period with incentives for continuing with the same provider. However, it should not be overlooked that the billing cycle is of 28 days which means that there is an extra billing cycle in a year.

  • Data is billed per KB (Kilo Byte) and the excess consumption charge vary across plans
  • The Australian helpline lets you speak to a real person, within the same timezone.

With Jeenee’s Small and Large plans, you are offered a choice of month to month plan or a 6 months or 12 months plan renewal. There is a strong incentive to sign up for this month to month contract, but it raises a question that if they are providing so many incentives for a monthly plan, then how much extra would they provide for a 12-months contract.

The loyal customers are offered data bumps even if they signed up for a month to month contract. Even when that contract is used continuously for 6 months, the data is offered an incentive.

Jeenee Mobile Small Plans

The lowest bar for the plan starts at $10 and it is claimed that this plan is the cheapest in Australia. We don’t decline that. For such a low price factor, it is definitely tempting enough for us to sign up for a 6-month contract.

  • The 6 months plan sees a data bump by 100 MB, which means that your 1 GB data would be increased to 1.1 GB and so would be other plans as a consequence.

Jeenee Mobile Large Plans

The fact that you get extra data if you stick around for a while stands intact in these plans too. The stakes are high, however, this time, the data offered as a bonus is increased to 1 GB per contract period. The only exception (good) you can find is the $45 plan which sees data bumps by 2-3 GB. Summing that up, you would be entitled to 23 GB of data per month if you sign up for 12 months.

  • As another example, $25 plan goes from 6 GB to 8 GB for a 6-month period.

The $45 plan is good for most people which offers a huge amount of data. For a normal user, this data should be enough for a month to month plan. The higher plans include international credit too. The calls to the USA are priced at 37 cents per minute. All calls include accruing a 35 cents flag fall.

Mammoth Unlimited Plans

The value provided in the Mammoth plans offer value in dozens with unprecedented levels of data for the money you spend. They operate on the Optus 3G Network, which contrasts with other plans which get full 4G treatment.

To get unlimited talk and text, and a huge 30 GB of data, you need to spend on $45 per month. Depending on the fact whether you are a stickler for 4G or not, this plan works better than Jeenee’s $50 plan mentioned previously. Fun with streaming movies online or playing graphics-intensive games would be real then.

For $74 a month, the bar is raised further and you would be offered 90 GB of data. This would serve almost all of your needs – whether at home, work, or commute. True it is that the speed matters, yet if the amount of data that it matters to you, then your search ends here.

How does Jeenee Mobile compare to other providers?

Interestingly, there are a large number of MVNOs out there who have competitive plans. But you might be wondering how the Jeenee Mobile plans compare to other telecoms? The good news is that it is often in the mix for the cheapest plans. The data limit for a monthly contract is more than good. However, there is a turn off that it has a $10 set-up fee. Let us review the plans in more detail and how the competition resides in the current market.

Jeenee Mobile Small Mobile Plans Compared

At this price range, you are likely opting for a plan which takes the best from most plan categories. Unless you are a light eater, you won’t be fulfilled. These products compare to the likes of Moose Mobile, which operates on a no-contract basis. Amaysim and Vaya also fall in the same range, the latter operates incentives if you sign up for 6 months. You are reminded too, that Jeenee gives data bumps if you stick for 6 months or more, so that you don’t need a lengthy contract period.

Jeenee Mobile Large Mobile Plans Compared

It gets tougher as you climb up the ladder. Plans offered become very competitive as you increase the price with especially the 12 months plan. If you have the need of 5 GB data, you can realistically expect it to cost around $30 these days. SpinTel is a leader in this aspect, and it offers on a month to month basis. Moose Mobile and Vaya also achieve some significant space in this region. While Jeenee may look like a data leader, you would often need to sign up for six months or more. But without long packs, the month to month plans are also a great deal.

Mammoth Unlimited Plans Compared

The new offering from this MVNO reveals that this is taking data and value seriously. It tries to pack up the maximum amount of data in its plans. Name Mammoth is justified by the one who named the plan. At this point, Jeenee is competing with a few providers that have combined massive data allowances with 3G mobile connections.

SpinTel and Exetel also offer similar deals for 30 GB data, but the $79 plan with a stunning 90 GB is unheard of in the Australian landscape. Moose Mobile also tries to bridge the gap with very competitive 3G-only plans. It is worth noting that these plans are on the 3G network. To achieve high speeds with 4G connectivity, you would need to up the game with bigger players like Telstra. Optus also introduced a similar plan with 100 GB of data but like the latter one, it also goes over $100 a month.

Is Jeenee Mobile right for me?

Jeenee Mobile has no doubt become a valued provider in short time. In the sea of competition, the low-cost carrier with the conscience of a non-profit organization has quickly pushed the right buttons. The broad spectrum of the market is fiercely challenged by this telecom. The value provided is mostly concentrated around the mid and high-end plans, which frequently beat the competition on price and included data. For a SIM-Only telecom, it seems a great choice. If you like those who contribute back to the community, then Jeenee would be the guy for you.

As for the Mammoth plans, they offer an unprecedented amount of data for the price. The scenario is still a stronghold, as there are still 3G handsets and communication networks. They stand up to the likes of Telstra and Optus for the value advertised but for half the price. There’s a caveat, that at this level, most of the providers would be 4G ones, while these plans are offered by Jeenee with only 3G coverage.

Overall this array of plans excite many consumes looking for save a buck on their costly plans. But as ever, be sure to compare your own options. If you turn out to be picky of 4G speeds or on a prepaid lookout, then there’s a lot to explore too.

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