Tangerine Mobile Plans Review

Considering a Tangerine mobile phone plan? Let’s dive into what they offer and see if they’re the right fit for you.

Is Tangerine a Reputable Company?

Yes. Tangerine Telecom is a subsidiary of TPG Telecom, a well-established Australian telecommunications company. They’ve built a reputation for reliable NBN services, and their mobile plans leverage that trust.

Who Owns Tangerine Telecom NBN?

TPG Telecom owns Tangerine Telecom NBN.

Which Carrier Does Tangerine Use?

Tangerine itself isn’t a mobile network operator (MNO). They partner with Telstra to provide their customers with access to Telstra’s extensive 4G and 5G network. This translates to broad coverage across Australia.

Is Tangerine Mobile as Good as Telstra?

Not exactly. Telstra offers its own network, potentially giving them a slight edge in speed and coverage in some areas. However, Tangerine shines with competitive prices and a focus on simplicity. Their plans are straightforward, with no lock-in contracts and features like unlimited standard calls and texts within Australia.

What Plans Does Tangerine Mobile Offer?

Tangerine offers a range of SIM-only mobile phone plans, meaning you need to provide your own phone (BYO). These plans typically include:

  • Varied data allowances (from low to high) – Offered in 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, and 7GB options
  • Unlimited standard calls and texts within Australia
  • Access to Telstra’s 4G and 5G network (depending on your location and plan)

Here’s a breakdown of Tangerine Telecom’s current SIM Only Mobile Plans:

Plan NameData AllowanceNetworkContractInternational Call CreditPriceMin. CostExtra Data Cost
Tangerine Telecom 7 GB Plan7 GBTelstra 4G/5GMonth to month$300 credit$59.95/month$59.95$10/GB
Tangerine Telecom 5 GB Plan5 GBTelstra 4G/5GMonth to month$300 credit$49.95/month$49.95$10/GB
Tangerine Telecom 3 GB Plan3 GBTelstra 4G/5GMonth to monthN/A$39.95/month$39.95$10/GB
Tangerine Telecom 1 GB Plan1 GBTelstra 4G/5GMonth to monthN/A$29.95/month$29.95$10/GB
tangerine telecom mobile plans

Who Should Consider Tangerine Mobile?

  • Value Seekers: If you prioritize affordability and don’t need a ton of extra features, Tangerine’s plans are a strong contender.
  • BYO Phone Fan: Tangerine offers SIM-only plans, perfect if you already have a phone you love.
  • Data on a Budget: They offer plans with decent data allowances at competitive prices.

Things to Consider Before You Choose Tangerine Mobile

  • Limited Extras: Unlike some providers, Tangerine doesn’t offer entertainment bundles or data-sharing options.
  • Network Speed: While coverage is good, Telstra’s network might deliver slightly faster speeds in some areas.

What are the Additional Services Offered by Tangerine Telecom?

While this review focuses on mobile plans, it’s important to note that Tangerine Telecom also offers:

  • NBN internet plans (Tangerine NBN)
  • Broadband internet plans (Tangerine Broadband)

Should You Get a Tangerine SIM Card?

If you choose a Tangerine mobile plan, you’ll receive a SIM card in the mail. This SIM card allows you to connect to Telstra’s network and use your chosen plan.

How to Recharge Your Tangerine Mobile Plan?

Tangerine offers several convenient ways to recharge your mobile plan both online and via phone.

  • Online: Visit the Tangerine Telecom online portal (https://www.tangerinetelecom.com.au/) and recharge using major credit cards, PayPal, or automatic direct debit payment.
  • Phone: Call 1800 211 112 from your mobile to reach customer care.

The Final Verdict

Tangerine mobile plans are a solid option for budget-conscious users who don’t need a lot of bells and whistles. They offer good value, reliable coverage on Telstra’s network, and the flexibility of SIM-only plans. However, if you prioritize network speed or crave a ton of extras, you might want to explore other options.

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