Telstra Business Phone Plans Review

Running a business means staying connected – to clients, suppliers, and your team. That’s where a good business phone plan comes in. Telstra is a major Australian telco with a range of plans for businesses of all sizes, whether you have a fixed office or a mobile workforce.

Telstra Business Phone Plans

In this post, we’ll break down Telstra’s Business Phone Plans to see if they’re the right fit for you. We’ll cover things like:

  • Data allowances (important for staying connected on the go!)
  • Call inclusions (who can you chat with for free?)
  • Contract options (flexible or fixed-term plans?)
  • Network coverage (will you have reception where you need it?)

By the end, you’ll know if a Telstra Business Phone Plan can keep your business talking.

Telstra Small Business Phone Plans

For those having small or micro businesses, Telstra offers you plans to stay connected. The plans cater to your needs whether you need to be on call 24/7 or simply for a few work days a week. Data-free music streaming and data-free live sports are also bundled with Telstra small business plans so that you can chill out at work too.

telstra business phone plans

SIM Only Plans

There is a fair chance that you already own a mobile phone and just need a plan. If that is the case, then Telstra offers a SIM Only plan which starts from $39 per month. The 12-month contract offers data between 2GB and 30GB depending on your choice of plans. The expensive plans include unlimited call and text to Australian numbers, which would be ideal for 24/7 connectivity. The higher end plans feature a Microsoft Office 365 subscription which would allow you to work and finish up reports whether you are at home, office or on the go.

Mobiles on a Plan

Telstra offers a wide variety of plans based on a 24-month contract which starts at $59 per month. This can help you to find the best suit for your business. Apart from the services bundled with the plan, you have a choice to avail the latest phone on offers like the iPhone X, the Google Pixel, and the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Depending on your data usage, Telstra lets you choose between 2GB to 120 GB data bandwidth with the former having Office 365 subscription. The expensive plans offer unlimited calls and text to 15 countries; so you can check the list whether your business has clients in those countries and would it be smart to choose this plan. All other plans in this category offer unlimited calls and texts to the Australian numbers.

Casual Plans

A few organizations still do not use the phone as a means of communication. For those users and businesses, Telstra has a casual plan in which you need to have your own phone. The contract period is month to month and is a tad more expensive. It is recommended only for those who have a modest phone usage or those working in seasonal industries.

The telco offers the plans ranging from $49 to $109 per month, with overseas calls included in the expensive ones. The lower price range incorporates unlimited calls and texts.

Telstra Business & Enterprise Phone Plans

For the larger businesses, Telstra is not lacking plans and offers. It caters to your need whether you want an office expansion or just an upgrade. The vast majority of Telstra Enterprise plans lay priority on data sharing and data usage, and they aim for the constantly on the move businessmen.

To find the best deals and options suited to your business and office structure, it would be best to consult with the local Telstra provider so that you can make an efficient choice.

Is a Telstra Phone Plan worth a shot?

With the completely different kind of usage a person has as an individual and as a business workforce; it is hard to decide which plans do fall into their category. Some businesses rely heavily on data usage while others on calls and texts. A few others rarely rely on phones at all. As a result, it is best to research all that is on your plate before signing up on a contract plan with any telco. You need to see all that which is on offer and how are you going to utilize the same phone and phone plan in the future.

If everything is starting and ending with you, from an organizational perspective, then there would not be much of a difference between a personal phone plan and a small business one. Telstra has priced the business plans a bit higher, just to facilitate data sharing capabilities with an additional SIM card.

Telstra is regarded as a leader of the telecommunications sector in Australia. It has been constantly providing a plethora of products and services to suit the growing needs of the business as well as the individuals. But despite the expertise, it is still best to compare the different choices you have on hand to find the best deal for your business.

There are many plans for Telstra, but I hope these helped you to select on Telstra Business Phone Plans.

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