Telstra Thanks Phone Plan Review

Telstra offers a wide variety of offers for its customers to choose from and being in Telstra is like being a member of an elite social club. Apart from the mobile and broadband services which the customers pay for, it grants them an exclusive access to a wide plethora of events like movies, shows, concerts, art exhibitions and tournaments. Well, being with the largest telecom operator has its own advantages. In this article, you will get to know all about Telstra Thanks.

What is Telstra Thanks?

Telstra Thanks is a benefits program for pretty much its each and every customer. You earn loyalty reward points and you can get discounts on events like:

  • Up to 20% of State of Origin and various NRL games
  • Discounted AFL tickets
  • $20 A League tickets
  • $12.50 movie tickets through Event Cinemas
  • First-access tickets to music concerts
  • Discounted ballet and other art events

The Telstra Thanks plan comes bundled with almost all phone and broadband plans and the procedure to redeem the reward is quite easy.

telstra thanks review

How do I Get Telstra Thanks?

You need to download the Telstra 24/7 Mobile App which is available for both Android and iOS. The app can be easily found in the App Store of both the kind of devices.

  • Login into the app with the Telstra account, or if you do not have one; just Sign up or Register.
  • After signing in, navigate to the menu and then click on “Thanks”.

You need to turn on your phone’s location as the Thanks portal would first determine what area you are in and then provide you with various offers and discounts to events and more.

Telstra Thanks Phone Plans

The list of phone plans by Telstra which allows you to gain access to the Thanks program, is long. In fact, almost any plan is available, which comprises prepaid plans too.

There are plans which include the data-free streaming of NRL and AFL games if you are a sports enthusiast. For the music lovers, it provides membership to Apple Music for a definite duration.

Telstra offers plans starting from $10 but as you climb up the ladder, the plans incorporate unlimited standard calls and text and more than 1 GB of data. These cost you around $30. The iPhone X plans start at about $100 per month in case you intend to go with the latest phones.

Telstra Thanks Broadband Plans

Starting at $70 per month, you can access 100 GB of data with a wide variety of NBN, ADSL, and Cable broadband choices. The unlimited data plans, though a bit costlier, are effective if you have a large consumption quota; and they are priced at $99 per month.

Telstra’s upper stratum of plans include things like Telstra TV and various Foxtel packages are also added from time to time. From the entertainment point of view, the customers are well catered for. NBN plans come on Tier 2 as standard, with speed boosts available from an extra $20 per month. Telstra also includes a range of wireless plans for the home that make it super simple to connect to a 4G connection and use it as a home broadband.

Telstra Thanks Mobile Broadband Plans

For the high-speed world, 4G data is the necessity. Also, the tablet users need a steady and dependable connection to work with without interrupts. Telstra offers mobile broadband plans starting from $15.

The bonuses are like free cloud storage, Telstra Air data and game passes to stream live like NRL or AFL. You can purchase a dongle and/or other devices and they can be paid over a 24-month contract. If you like the latest iPads, then they also can be used for an agreed monthly fee starting at $60 per month.

Is Telstra Thanks discount deal for me?

Programs like Telstra Thanks are rare in the telecommunication world. But considering the fact that Telstra is the largest provider in Australia, it does not come as a big surprise that it has a loyalty membership program. After all, it takes a lot to build a large user base and a lot more to keep them using your plans.

If you enjoy movies a lot, go for a lot of football games, like visiting art exhibits or so then these costs would add up significantly to a much larger amount. The loyalty points from Telstra is a nice way to get some help and an extra 5% discount does not hurt.

You can think of it as a club, members get rewarded and these points pile up to be redeemed for an event you choose to be present at. Even though this might not be the sole reason for you to choose Telstra, it does exist as an extra incentive. The largest network offers a lot of partnership programs which means that you can avail a number of extra perks in return.

Telstra’s Thanks program is a mere extension of the telco giant’s relative generosity. Customers are well taken care of by the provider. If you spend a major portion of your time out then it might be worth it. But switching only to Telstra for the rewards program and the ‘Thanks’ you receive? Maybe you need to choose the cake, not the cherry.

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