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Amaysim burst onto the Australian telecommunications scene in 2010, shaking things up with their focus on affordable, no-contract prepaid mobile plans. They quickly gained a reputation for being a provider that prioritizes simplicity and value for money. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Amaysim leverages the existing network infrastructure of Optus, offering reliable 4G and 5G coverage in most areas of Australia. Whether you’re a budget-conscious user or someone who just prefers the flexibility of prepaid plans, Amaysim is a strong contender in the Australian mobile market. This guide will equip you with all the information you need to get started with Amaysim, from activation and managing your account to making international calls and choosing the right plan.

Getting Started with Amaysim

What network does Amaysim use?

Amaysim operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) on the Optus network. This means you’ll get access to Optus’s reliable 4G and 5G coverage in most areas of Australia.

Amaysim Login and Activation

Amaysim Login

Head over to the Amaysim website ( and click “My Account” to log in and manage your plan.

How to activate Amaysim SIM Card?

Once you have your Amaysim SIM card, follow the instructions on the packaging to activate it online. This is a quick process and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

How to activate Amaysim eSIM?

Amaysim also offers eSIM activation for compatible devices. You’ll receive a QR code during purchase that you can scan with your phone to activate the eSIM.

Managing Your Amaysim Account

  • Amaysim Recharge: There are several ways to recharge your Amaysim plan:
    • Online through your Amaysim account.
    • Over the phone by calling Amaysim customer care.
    • At retail stores that sell Amaysim starter kits, like Officeworks or Pop Phones.
    • Using a voucher purchased online or at retail stores. Simply enter the voucher code during recharge.
  • Amaysim Balance Check: You can check your remaining data and call credit through your Amaysim online account or by dialing *100# on your phone.

How to contact Amaysim Customer Care?

Amaysim customer care can be reached by phone at 13 15 10 or through their online chat service on the Amaysim website.

Using Your Amaysim Mobile Plan

Amaysim offers a variety of mobile plans to suit different needs, including data-only plans, long expiry plans, and unlimited data plans with varying data allowances. Check out our dedicated Amaysim Mobile Plan review guide.

  • Amaysim Prepaid: All Amaysim plans are prepaid, meaning you pay for your service upfront. This gives you more control over your spending and avoids lock-in contracts.
  • Amaysim International Calls: Some Amaysim plans include unlimited standard calls to selected countries. You can find details on your specific plan inclusions on your Amaysim account or website. For calls outside included destinations, you’ll need an international calling add-on.
  • Amaysim Data Sharing/Gifting: Amaysim plans do not currently offer data sharing or gifting options.
  • Amaysim Overseas: Amaysim plans are primarily for use within Australia. International roaming packs are available for purchase if you plan to use your phone overseas.
  • Amaysim Outage: You can check for Amaysim service outages on their website or social media pages.

Additional AMAYSIM Services

  • Amaysim Unlimited: If you’re a heavy data user, consider Amaysim’s unlimited data plans. These plans offer a set amount of data at high speed, with slower speeds after reaching the data limit.
  • Amaysim Referral Program: Refer a friend to Amaysim and you can both earn bonus data or credit. Check the Amaysim website for current referral program details.

Does Amaysim Have 5G?

Yes, Amaysim offers access to Optus’s 5G network in areas where it’s available.

Does Amaysim Support eSIM?

Yes, Amaysim supports eSIM activation for compatible devices.

Does Amaysim Support Data Rollover?

No, Amaysim plans do not currently offer data rollover. Any unused data at the end of your billing cycle will expire.

By choosing Amaysim, you can enjoy affordable and flexible mobile service without a contract. This guide should help you get started with Amaysim and answer any questions you may have about using their service. Bookmark this page for future!

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