Moose Mobile – Review, Plans, Coverage, App, Login & Contact

Moose Mobile has been making waves in the Australian mobile market, offering competitive plans on a reliable network. This comprehensive guide dives into everything you need to know about Moose Mobile Australia, from their mobile plans and network coverage to managing your account and troubleshooting common questions.

Understanding Moose Mobile

Who Owns Moose Mobile?

Moose Mobile operates independently and isn’t currently owned by a major telecommunications company.

Which Network Does Moose Mobile Use?

Moose Mobile leverages the extensive 4G and 5G network infrastructure of Optus, one of Australia’s leading mobile network providers. This means you can expect good coverage in most areas of Australia where Optus operates.

Is Moose Mobile 4G or 5G?

Moose Mobile plans support access to both Optus’s 4G and 5G networks in areas where 5G is available. Your device’s compatibility will determine which network you connect to.

Moose Mobile Plans

  • Moose Mobile SIM Only Plans: Moose Mobile focuses on SIM-only plans, allowing you to bring your own phone and choose a plan that suits your data needs and budget. Their plans are known for being competitive and transparent, with clear inclusions and no lock-in contracts. Data allowances range from options for casual users to plans catering to data-hungry individuals. Many Moose Mobile plans include unlimited standard national calls and texts.
  • Moose Mobile Coverage: As mentioned earlier, Moose Mobile utilizes Optus’s network, so coverage is generally good in most populated areas and major cities across Australia. However, it’s always recommended to check the coverage map on the Moose Mobile website ( for a more specific picture of signal strength in your location.

Managing Your Moose Mobile Service

  • Moose Mobile Login and Online Account: The Moose Mobile website ( serves as your central hub for managing your account. Here you can log in, view your bills, track data usage, recharge your plan, and even change your plan if needed.
  • Moose Mobile App: While Moose Mobile doesn’t currently have a dedicated mobile app, you can conveniently manage most aspects of your account through the user-friendly web portal.
  • Moose Mobile Contact Number: Moose Mobile offers various customer support options. You can reach them through their online chat feature on the website, send them a message on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or submit an email enquiry.
  • Checking Your Moose Mobile Data Usage: You can easily check your remaining data allowance by logging in to your online account on the Moose Mobile website.

Can I Keep My Number When Switching to Moose Mobile?

Yes, you can transfer your existing mobile number to Moose Mobile when you sign up for a new plan. They’ll guide you through the process during signup.

Can I Change My Moose Mobile Plan?

Moose Mobile offers flexibility to change your plan if your needs evolve. You can typically make changes through your online account or by contacting customer support. Be sure to check if any fees or waiting periods apply to plan changes.

Additional Considerations

Does Moose Mobile Offer International Calls?

While some Moose Mobile plans include a limited number of international calls, most plans are designed for domestic use. International calling add-ons or packages might be available depending on your chosen plan.

Does Moose Mobile Have eSIM?

Moose Mobile does not currently offer eSIM activation at the time of writing. However, this is a fast-evolving area in the mobile industry, and Moose Mobile may introduce eSIM support in the future.

Moose Mobile Activation Time:

Activating your Moose Mobile SIM card is usually a quick process. In most cases, activation can be completed online within minutes.

Does Moose Mobile Offer WiFi Calling?

Moose Mobile currently doesn’t advertise support for WiFi calling on their plans. However, you can check their website or contact customer support for the latest information on supported features.

Is Moose Mobile Right for You?

Moose Mobile is a compelling option for budget-conscious mobile users who value transparency and plan flexibility. Their plans leverage Optus’s reliable network, offering good coverage in most areas. If you’re looking for a no-frills provider with competitive rates and a user-friendly online account portal, Moose Mobile is definitely worth considering. This guide should equip you with the knowledge to decide if Moose Mobile aligns with your mobile service needs.

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