Optus Premium Numbers: Stand Out or Stand Alone for Your Business?

Thinking about getting a premium number for your business on the Optus network? These unique phone numbers can potentially make your business more memorable, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before you invest.

What are Optus Premium Numbers?

Optus premium numbers (also sometimes called “golden numbers”) differ from standard mobile numbers by featuring:

  • Repetition: Sequences of the same digits (e.g., 0412 121 212)
  • Easy-to-remember patterns: Numbers with consecutive digits (e.g., 0488 888 888)
  • Vanity sequences: Spell out words when typed on the keypad (e.g., 04BIZ 4633 – spells out “BIZ PHONE”)

Potential Benefits of Optus Premium Numbers

  • Memorability: A catchy premium number can be easier to remember than a standard number, potentially increasing customer recall.
  • Branding: A unique number can reinforce your brand identity and create a professional image.
  • Vanity Appeal: Spelling out words on the keypad can add a fun twist and enhance brand recognition.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Optus Premium Number

  • Cost: Optus premium numbers typically come with a one-time setup fee and may have an ongoing monthly charge.
  • Availability: Not all desirable number combinations are available.
  • Limited Impact: A premium number alone won’t guarantee success. You’ll still need strong marketing and customer service to establish your business.
  • Target Audience: Consider if your target audience is likely to remember a premium number or find it easier to use a standard number with caller ID.

Alternatives to Optus Premium Numbers

  • Local Numbers: Having a local number can be helpful for businesses with a physical location or targeting a specific region.
  • Toll-Free Numbers: Free for callers to dial, potentially increasing inquiries, but can be more expensive for businesses.
  • Easy-to-Remember Standard Numbers: Even standard numbers can be memorable if they use repetition or a pattern (e.g., 04XX 123 456).

How to Get an Optus Premium Number?

Optus doesn’t advertise specific information or pricing for obtaining premium numbers on their website. Here’s how you can inquire about them:

  • Contact Optus Sales: Call Optus Sales on 13 22 22 to speak with a representative about premium number availability, pricing, and setup options.
  • Optus Business Chat: Head to the Optus Business website (https://www.optus.com.au/business) and initiate a chat with a customer service representative. They might be able to provide more details on premium numbers.

Important Note:

Availability of specific premium numbers can change frequently. Optus may require signing a contract for premium number services. Be sure to ask about all associated costs, including setup fees, monthly charges, and potential contract terms before committing.

The Verdict: Are Optus Premium Numbers Worth It?

Optus premium numbers can be a consideration for businesses seeking a unique and memorable way to stand out. However, weigh the potential benefits against the cost and consider if simpler alternatives might be equally effective.

Ultimately, the best phone number for your business depends on your specific goals, target audience, and budget.


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