Optus Phone Upgrades Explained – New Phone Trade Up?

Have you purchased a two-year contract phone plan and wish to upgrade your handset? No more worries and no more waiting. Optus has come up with a New Phone Trade Up option for its valuable customers. In this article, you will know all about Optus phone upgrades along with the guide.

Optus Phone Upgrades – New Phone Trade Up

If you are on a two-year contract phone plan but wish to get a new handset or upgrade the existing one, then Optus has a way out for you. On 12 months into your plan, you can pay a one-off fee of $99. This will allow you to have a new handset on a new 24 months phone plan. You will have to return your current mobile in good working condition to your nearest Yes Optus store. You can also upgrade it online by logging in to the Optus official website.

Or you can keep your current phone and simply pay out its full remaining cost. The remaining cost will include any sum of money that this network service provider was going to cover. And then trade up to a new phone on a new 24 months phone plan.

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How to Trade Up?

  • Check if you are twelve months into your current ‘My Plan Plus’ plan. Log in to your account on the official website of Optus. Check your contract status in My Account page.
  • Your current phone must be in good working order.
  • Back up your mobile before visiting a Yes Optus store.
  • Restore your current mobile to factory settings before handing it over to the staff in the Yes Optus store.
  • Now pay a one-off fee of $99.
  • Choose a new smartphone on a new 24 months phone plan.

Optus New Phone Trade Up Plans

Many phone plans of ‘My Plan Plus’ are eligible for the trade up option. As of now ‘Flex’ phone plans of Optus are not eligible for new phone trade up. You can get some of the cheaper iPhone X plans by Optus. Extra privileges like data-free music streaming, international calls, and subscriptions to Optus Sport, which airs English Premier League soccer are also available.

Therefore, you will always remain on top of the latest trends. This means a new smartphone for you every year with the latest technology and stylish look. iPhone 8, iPhone X, and Samsung Galaxy S8 phone plans are also available.

Optus Tablet Trade Up

‘My Mobile Broadband Plus’ plan will be eligible to upgrade to a new tablet after 12 months. The broadband plans start from $30 or above and have a validity of 24 months. This is a good trade up option for mobile broadband customers. The procedure to upgrade is the same as the handset. You will have to return your current tablet in exchange for a new one. The one time pay off fee is $99. Some models of iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are eligible for tablet trade up.

What does ‘Good Working Order’ mean?

  • The phone or tablet can power ON and OFF.
  • It must have a fully functional touch screen and battery.
  • It should be physically damaged. Physical damage includes liquid damage, cracks in the display, bleeding screen, discolored, cracks in the casing, missing buttons, damaged charging port, and non-functional SIM tray).
  • Does not have any missing, modified or disassembled components.
  • No severe scratches on the screen. Normal wear and tear are allowed.
  • The phone must have the locking feature disabled.
  • It must not be IMEI blocked. It should not be reported lost or stolen.
  • If it is the same mobile you purchased from Optus in the first place.
  • Before handing over your phone, back up your personal data and restore it to factory settings.
  • Remove all the SIM Cards and memory card.

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