Telstra Phone Numbers and USSD Code Sequences You Need to Know

Here is a collection of useful and handy Telstra phone numbers and USSD codes you need to keep in mind for Telstra support and customer care services. Find out all the secret Telstra hash # codes and network feature codes for Telstra.

Telstra Phone Numbers

Customer Service: 125 8880
Credit Card Recharge: 125 8885
Activations: 125 8887
Information: 125 8889
Balance/Recharge: 125 8888

MessageBank: 101 per-minute charges apply, deducted from recharge credit
or, if you have already set up a six-digit PIN for your MessageBank service
‹your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile number›,#‹six-digit PIN›# counts as a call to a standard Australian number
1800 135 102,,‹your Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile number›,#‹six-digit PIN›# free call from a Telstra Mobile service

telstra phone numbers ussd codes

Telstra USSD Code Sequences

USSD code sequences are sent to the mobile network using the Phone or Dialer app on your device, and can be programmed as speed dial / phonebook / contacts’ phone numbers.

Recharge menu: #100*1#
View recharge credit balance: #100*2#
View bonus/Plus pack balance(s): #100*2*1#
Change Pre-Paid offer: #100*3#
Credit Me2U of a given amount : #100*1*6*‹recipient’s mobile number›*‹dollar amount between 1 and 10›#
to a known recipient from a Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile service on the Pre-Paid Beyond Talk,
Pre-Paid Cap Encore, Pre-Paid Freedom, Pre-Paid Simplicity or Long Life offer
#100*4*‹recipient’s mobile number›*‹dollar amount between 1 and 10›#
from a Telstra Pre-Paid SIM for Apple iPad service

USSD Codes

#100# Services menu
1. Recharge
2. Balance
3. My Offer
4. PlusPacks
5. Tones&Extras
6. History
7. CredMe2U
8. Hlp
00. Home
note: CM2U is located under Recharge for some plans

#125# Services menu tailored for prepaid
1. Recharge
2. Balance
3. Change Offer
4. Buy PlusPacks
5. History
6. CreditMe2U
00. Home

#150# Shows Your phone number and Telstra Account number

Telstra Voice Mail shortcuts

3. change greeting
5. delete current message

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