Vodafone Australia – Review, Coverage, Recharge & Contact

Vodafone Australia has undergone some changes, but it’s still a major player offering mobile phone plans and services. This guide explores everything you need to know about Vodafone Australia, from network coverage to their current plans and features.

Understanding Vodafone Australia

Who Bought Vodafone Australia?

In 2020, Vodafone Australia merged with TPG Corporation to form a new company called TPG Telecom. However, Vodafone Australia continues to operate as a brand under TPG Telecom, offering mobile phone plans and services.

Does Vodafone Still Exist in Australia?

Yes, Vodafone Australia still exists as a brand within TPG Telecom. You can still sign up for Vodafone mobile plans and use the Vodafone network in Australia.

Vodafone Mobile Network

What Carrier Does Vodafone Use in Australia?

Vodafone Australia leverages TPG Telecom’s mobile network infrastructure, which itself partners with both Telstra and Optus. Depending on your location and chosen plan, you might be using Telstra’s or Optus’s network for your Vodafone service.

Is Vodafone Network Good?

Vodafone coverage, powered by Telstra or Optus infrastructure, is generally good in major cities and populated areas of Australia. However, for the most accurate picture of signal strength at your location, it’s recommended to check the coverage map on the Vodafone website (https://www.vodafone.com.au/network/coverage-checker).

Which is Better, Telstra or Vodafone?

Both Telstra and Vodafone offer good network coverage in Australia. Telstra boasts the most extensive network reach, particularly in remote areas. Vodafone often presents a more competitive price point. Ultimately, “better” depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors like coverage in your area, data allowances, plan inclusions, and budget when making your choice.

Does Vodafone Have Bad Coverage?

No, Vodafone coverage is generally good in populated areas. However, it’s not as extensive as Telstra’s, particularly in remote regions. Checking the coverage map for your location is key.

Vodafone Mobile Plans & Services

  • Vodafone Plans: Vodafone offers a variety of mobile plans, including SIM-only options, postpaid plans with phone bundles, prepaid plans, and data-only plans. These plans cater to different needs and budgets, with options for heavy data users, casual users, and those who prioritize international calls.
  • Cheapest Vodafone Plan: Looking for affordability? Vodafone offers prepaid plans starting at around $30 per month with basic call and data inclusions. These plans are a good option for budget-conscious users or those with minimal phone usage needs.
  • Vodafone SIM Only Plans: Prefer to bring your own phone? Vodafone offers a variety of SIM-only plans that provide data and call allowances without a bundled phone. This can be a cost-effective option if you already have a smartphone you like.
  • Vodafone eSIM: Vodafone supports eSIM activation for compatible devices. During purchase, you’ll receive a QR code to scan with your phone to activate the eSIM.

Using Your Vodafone Service

  • Vodafone App: Download the My Vodafone app to manage your account on the go. The app allows you to check your balance, data usage, recharge your plan, and even troubleshoot any issues.
  • Vodafone Recharge: There are several ways to top up your Vodafone plan:
    • Online through the My Vodafone app or website.
    • Over the phone by calling the Vodafone customer care number (1300 656 400).
    • At retail stores that sell Vodafone starter kits.
    • Using a voucher purchased online or at retail stores.
  • Vodafone Balance Check: Check your remaining data and call credit through the My Vodafone app, by logging in to your online account, or by dialing *100# on your phone.
  • Vodafone International Roaming: Planning to travel overseas? Vodafone offers international roaming add-ons that allow you to use your phone for calls, data, and texts while abroad. Check the Vodafone website for current roaming options and pricing.

Is Vodafone Australia Right for You?

Vodafone Australia offers competitive mobile plans, leverages reliable network infrastructure, and provides features like eSIM support and a convenient app. If you’re looking for a good balance between affordability, network coverage, and features, Vodafone Australia is definitely worth considering. This guide should help you explore Vodafone’s offerings and see if they align with your mobile phone needs.

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