Telstra APN Settings – Complete Setup Guide

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Telstra APN Settings are the settings on your mobile phone that let you use the internet, send and receive multimedia messages etc. It acts as a gateway to data plan service you have with your prepaid carrier.

A complete setup guide on setting up these apn settings are explained below. (If you are trying to setup your apn settings, its recommended for you to bookmark this page for later reference)

Getting Telstra Data Plan
You need to opt for any of the Telstra data plans in order to access the internet. Telstra offers quite a few data bundle packs which you can subscribe. After getting a data plan you can continue setting up the apn settings for Telstra.

Configure Telstra APN settings for Android or iPhone or iPad
Based on your device, you have to follow the below steps to find the apn configuration tab.
For Android phone: Goto Settings > More > Mobile networks > Access Point Names > Menu >
If you have an iPhone or iPad: Goto Setup > General > Network > Mobile Data

telstra apn settings

Telstra APN Settings
Below are the settings values which need to be entered exactly the same way to properly setup the connection. The below settings list almost all the fields found in the most device, however, if you find some other details you may leave it with the default value.

Name: Telstra Internet
APN: telstra.iph
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
MCC: 505
MNC: 01
Authentication Type: none
APN Type: default,supl,mms

telstra apn settings ipad


Save the new settings and set it as your default settings. Exit and restart your device.

Try browsing the internet, you would be now able to browse and send MMS successfully in Telstra network.

4 thoughts on “Telstra APN Settings – Complete Setup Guide”

  1. My new Samsung J5 Pro mobile phone doesn’t have the “MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0” line in the APN setting and is unable to send pictures in a SMS with mobile data turned off. Why not? I followed the procedure above.
    My plan doesn’t include mobile data.

    My previous HTC One and Telstra 4GX would do it but my earlier Nokia 532 Windows Phone wouldn’t. Is that an APN setting related problem or a phone problem?

    • Hi Dennis,

      We believe it has to do something with your MMS settings. Please ensure you have the correct MMS profile selected on your phone.


  2. what user name and password do I use? my Telstra account?
    I tried that and it dosnt allow a done or any button to click.


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